Chaotic mind needs release

Creativity is a double-edged sword

A life is a life. Felines shed blood and tears and agonized the same agony we go through at least once in our life. One born on barren lands deserved to be loved or at least, a touch of care. Those that is given on a land where precious memories reside, instantly without a doubt, they will be etched into my very soul.

One blood, million routes it can flow. Touch you sympathy and Love, they do not. Bonds are of feeble threads. Gone one day, they wear their sweatpants and pale colored shirts. Offered they are from manicured fingers to the clutching hands of strangers. May has dimmed. Mewling as stones grew between us.

Blind as a bat, they all are. Blind but sharp. Sharp but dull and heavy.

I've been wondering whether or not I should start posting all my incomplete stories. Literally, it's flooding my table and bags and I'm pretty sure I will lose some if none of it are lost somewhere yet. Hmm, seems like I'm going to be busy after my exams. Ugh.

Eagles, sheeps, birds and fishes... Symbols of things I had never considered that could connect to you so much that your heart breaks.

Pay Money To My Pain
Pay Money To My Pain (PTP) is an amazing Japanese band that writes and sings songs in English. They are phenomenal, extraordinary and just absolute brilliant that I seriously cannot understand why people could possibly recognize them. Maybe because most of their songs contain scremo screams and that the song could last 7 minutes. Don't know why I'm even looking at my laptop. Definitely not a way to escape the harsh reality i.e. the stacks of unfinished homeworks. I'm starting to regret drinking coffee today. Makes it more unavoidable.

Literature at night.
There is just something quite fulfilling doing Literature in the middle of the night. Not quite sure 'fulfilling' is the word though. Great? Suitable? How do you express it? For me, the night compliments Literature. Maybe 'darkness' in general represents quite a lot and that it is the reason why beautiful, dreadful, heart-wrenching, brilliant, elegant, complex and uncomplicated text, poems and plays are created. Maybe because the silence Night provides makes you think more. It certainly did in my case - I'm on a roll, writing all those essays and understanding Shakespeare and Tenneessee (God, the horror of his name!)

I wonder though, how does blank, dark, heavy darkness able to inspire you? Unless you're delusional and able to see things in the absolute darkness.

Being a nocturne is fun. The things you're able to do and process at night. Oh, and the amount of privacy you get too.

My laptop is shit.

Really, it is. Some moron decided to visit one of those virus infected websites and it's been lodging in this laptop for years and I didn't even know until several months ago. The virus is such a smart and incredibly irritating cookie: whenever I opened a site or programs that is in any way containing anti-virus programs - even the adverts - the program will automatically close. Not sure if this contains anti-virus thingy or not, whenever I try to download something (videos and such) it'll also vanish.

Why don't I do something about it, you ask? Easy, I just don't feel like it. So far, nothing hazardous happened so why should I? I got no money for store assistance anyway. However, one day, my sister came and fixed it, just like the computer genius she is.

Why do I sound bitter, sarcastic and unappreciative? Yes, she removed all the viruses lurking and worming through the systems and yes, it no longer tries to close any program on its own. However, ever since she did so, all images disappeared. ALL except for those background images. Thus, I could no longer be able to use google images, see pictures in facebook, upload a picture for my quite barren livejournal. It's white, empty and absolutely pictureless. Those wondering why my livejournal looks abandoned, this is the reason.

What's the point of this post? I have no idea.

Rant, rant, rant. Gotta fill in this account at least.


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