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Literature at night.
There is just something quite fulfilling doing Literature in the middle of the night. Not quite sure 'fulfilling' is the word though. Great? Suitable? How do you express it? For me, the night compliments Literature. Maybe 'darkness' in general represents quite a lot and that it is the reason why beautiful, dreadful, heart-wrenching, brilliant, elegant, complex and uncomplicated text, poems and plays are created. Maybe because the silence Night provides makes you think more. It certainly did in my case - I'm on a roll, writing all those essays and understanding Shakespeare and Tenneessee (God, the horror of his name!)

I wonder though, how does blank, dark, heavy darkness able to inspire you? Unless you're delusional and able to see things in the absolute darkness.

Being a nocturne is fun. The things you're able to do and process at night. Oh, and the amount of privacy you get too.


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